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Get help to make the best possible parenting plan

Determining where your child should live is one of the hardest parts of working out a parenting plan. Your parenting plan has to consider the best interests of your child, but it also has to account for your schedule and your ex-spouse's schedule, too. You need to be available when you're with your child, and you'll have to account for when your child has to be at school or at home due to holidays.

Shaping the future for your children after divorce

Ohio parents know that their choice to end their marriage will impact their children in various ways. When handled the right way, divorce does not have to lead to emotional and mental upheaval, but parents have to be thoughtful and intentional about protecting their children. This may require setting aside temporary emotions for the sake of the kids. 

Divorce mediation can be the solution to your problems

Divorce mediation can be a good idea for couples who have come to a standstill with their negotiations. Oftentimes, it's hard to get past the negative emotions that come with divorce. You might feel that you lash out more often than you'd usually do or that your spouse is being petty.

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