Why choose online divorce mediation?

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Divorce mediation is sometimes one of the few ways that people can work through their problems and learn to resolve disputes without devolving into a standstill.

Mediation is less expensive than negotiating through your attorneys, going through arbitration or turning to a judge for help. There are different types of mediation, too, including online mediation. So, whether you’re happy meeting in person or distance makes it impossible to do so, there is a mediation solution for every situation.

Why does it make sense to do online mediation?

Some people benefit from online mediation because it allows you to come face-to-face with each other without being in the same place. You can meet through video programs, talking over the internet instead of having to travel to a mediator’s office. This is much more flexible, and it can fit into any work schedule. Even your attorneys can call into the meeting with their own video conference line.

It may take several calls before you can resolve your problems completely, but it’s much less stressful to try to resolve these issues when you’re in the comfort of your home and not sitting next to someone you’re fighting or debating with. This cools tensions and allows you to get more done. Additionally, the mediator generally has abilities such as muting one party or allowing only one person to talk at a time, which encourages full discussions.

If this may be something you’re interested in, our site has more on mediation and why it’s a good option for people who are having trouble agreeing during divorce.