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8 elements of a parenting plan

One of the hardest issues to work out in a divorce is a parenting plan for the children. Ohio has two types of child custody. Sole custody is when one parent is designated as the sole legal custodian of the children. This parent has the authority to make all decisions for the children. Shared parenting, which used to be called joint custody, means that the parents work together to make decisions about the care and upbringing for the children. According to the American Psychological Association, joint custody is better for children. Children whose parents can work together after a divorce have higher self-esteem, better school performance and fewer behavior problems than those in a sole custody arrangement.

The 4 dangers of anger in divorce

Divorce is not an easy experience when it comes to your emotions. When going through a divorce, sometimes feeling resentful or angry at your former spouse is normal. But focusing on the goals of the divorce, instead of the current anguish, can help you in many ways in the long-run. Giving into your anger and engaging in revenge or paypack will only set you back in the process.

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