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Alimony: Get to know your rights before you pay out

If you're someone who is the breadwinner in your family, the idea that your spouse wants a divorce may leave a bad taste in your mouth. You know that alimony could be a request they make, even though they've already relied on you to pay the bills for some time.

Is medical support included in child support in Ohio?

Ohio has many child support regulations but one that you should be aware of is the requirement to provide medical support to your child. Like regular child support, medical support is also required so that a child can have their medical needs to be covered. If insurance does not cover the medical needs of the child, then the obligor may have to pay a set amount toward the medical bills the child has accrued.

Ways for Ohio spouses to keep stress low in divorce

Determining that your marriage is no longer sustainable may be one of the most significant and emotional experiences of your lifetime. Especially if you and your spouse have been together for many years or if you have children, such situations can be both liberating and devastating at the same time.

Mediation could be the answer to your divorce dilemmas

Divorce mediation has an important place in the world of divorce. Divorces sometimes come off as negative, vicious situations where two people devolve into angry, unhappy individuals ready to spite the other at any opportunity. The reality is that divorces like that are few and far between.

Quick action can prevent an international child abduction

A parent's worst nightmare is not being able to see their child due to the other parent kidnapping them. Sadly, this is a reality for many parents in America and abroad. Parental abduction, particularly international abduction, is a difficult problem to deal with. It involves at least two governments, if not more, and it can be very difficult to bring a child home.

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