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Factors that often precede Ohio divorce

Married life typically includes relationship ups and downs. No two people can reasonably expect to spend a lifetime together without ever disagreeing or feeling at odds with each other. Some couples, especially those who have been together for two or more decades, learn to "read" one another to recognize signs of trouble. Many have helpful habits they employ when obstacles arise, which often help them air their differences and restore peace in their married lives.

Contentious or not, custody has to be discussed

Child custody is a contentious topic for many people going through a divorce. When it comes up, it often feels as if it is a war. One parent may try to get as much custody as possible without considering how that would affect the other parent's life with their child.

Are you concerned about finding the right custody attorney?

You know that very soon your life will change substantially because you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage. You may have automatically begun thinking about all the affairs you need to get in order and how to best protect your children from the possible negative repercussions of going through child custody proceedings.

Get your financial documents together before you bring up divorce

Divorce is among the hardest things you'll have to do in your life. If your marriage isn't going to work out, a divorce may be the one right thing that you and your spouse can do for one another. However, it can be complicated, even if you don't have kids.

Learn about alimony and what you can do if you need it

When someone seeks alimony, the cause is usually because they need financial support to live comfortably after divorce. One spouse, for instance, might make $67,000 every year. The other might make $25,000. To make up at least some of that difference, alimony can be ordered.

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