Shaping the future for your children after divorce

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Ohio parents know that their choice to end their marriage will impact their children in various ways. When handled the right way, divorce does not have to lead to emotional and mental upheaval, but parents have to be thoughtful and intentional about protecting their children. This may require setting aside temporary emotions for the sake of the kids.

When parents do not place the well-being of their kids above their own desires and emotions, it can have a negative impact on the youngest members of the family – sometimes for the rest of their lives. Children benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with parents after divorce. When making divorce decisions that will impact your kids, you would be wise to think about both the immediate and long-term consequences of those choices.

Things to keep in mind

When parents divorce, children feel the impact. They may experience confusion, anger, frustration and an overall feeling of being out of control. However, these feelings will pass, especially if parents work hard to provide a stable environment and as much continuity of lifestyle as possible. However, there are some severe long-term effects that can develop if you are not careful to protect your kids, including:

  • Children of divorce may be more likely to have unhealthy relationships in the future. However, you can help your child by demonstrating healthy, positive co-parenting relationships.
  • Children of divorce may struggle with anxiety and depression. You can help your child by taking him or her to counseling, teaching your child to cope with feelings and allowing him or her to experience strong emotions.

Even the most amicable of divorces can leave a mark on the kids. However, knowing that your choices will impact them can help you keep your focus on what is truly important – their immediate security and long-term benefit.

Custody choices that work

Making choices that pertain to custody and visitation is not easy. It’s normal to feel strongly about your parenting time and other issues, but it is necessary to put the kids first. With the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney, you can make choices that will allow you to have a strong and active role in the lives of your children and provide a stable future for them.

If you are unsure of how to help your kids during this difficult process or have questions about the long-term impact of your custody choices, you may find it helpful to seek a complete evaluation of your case.