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Representing Your Point Of View In Spousal Support Hearings

Spousal support, formerly called alimony, is a system in which one former spouse pays money to the other. In the past, it was most often the husband that ended up paying spousal support to the wife, because husbands were historically the primary income earner in the family.

Over time, society has changed, and it has become the norm that both the husband and the wife have full-time jobs and earn significant incomes. Since the obligation to pay spousal support generally falls on the party with the higher income, it is now not uncommon for the wife to be ordered to pay spousal support to the husband.

The court will be interested in how long the two of you were married and the relative age and health of both parties.

You can see that every question must be answered in a way that supports your interests. Without professional representation, you might not know what a good answer or a bad answer sound like. A great deal is at stake in spousal support deliberations — you owe it to your future to enter into them with discipline and an effective strategy.

Courts are also free to order payments following legal separation, not just divorce.

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