How does inflation affect child support?

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Child support is a financial obligation that ensures children’s well-being after a divorce. However, the impact of inflation on child support often raises questions about the adequacy of support payments.

Inflation can easily affect the purchasing power of child support payments. As the cost of living rises, the amount allocated for child support may no longer cover essential expenses adequately.

Can I request a child support increase due to inflation?

In many jurisdictions, including Ohio, child support orders may include provisions for cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to address the effects of inflation. These adjustments allow child support payments to keep pace with changes in the cost of living. Such arrangements help to ensure that support remains fair and adequate over time. However, there are specific requirements to qualify for COLAs.

What are the requirements for cost-of-living adjustments in Ohio?

In Ohio, child support orders may include provisions for automatic COLAs if you meet certain conditions. These conditions typically include a predetermined threshold for inflation, such as a percentage increase in the consumer price index. If inflation exceeds this threshold, child support payments may adjust without the need for legal action.

When should I request a child support modification?

If your child support order does not include provisions for automatic COLAs, you may still request a modification. If you have a substantial change in circumstances, such as significant increases in your cost of living due to inflation, you may have valid cause to submit a request. Be sure to monitor changes in your expenses as inflation rates rise to determine when a modification may be necessary.

How can professional assistance aid in this process?

Professional guidance from those familiar with child support laws can be invaluable when navigating the complexities of requesting a modification. The team at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson can help. Our Columbus child support lawyers can provide personalized advice based on your specific circumstances, ensuring that you understand your rights and options fully. We can assist in gathering necessary documentation and advocating on your behalf during the modification process, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome for you and your children.

Reports show that the consumer price index, a key indicator for inflation, rose 3.1% year over year as of January 2024. With inflation continuing to rise seemingly nonstop, parents in tight financial situations have to be resourceful to ensure their children get the best upbringing possible.