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Focusing on school success after divorce

One concern parents often have when getting divorced is that their children will not do well in school. As with all child custody decisions, the important thing is to put the kids first and focus on their needs. Clearly, that means trying to come up with a plan to help them do as well as possible academically during what can be a trying time.

Nesting -- it's not just for birds anymore

Divorcing parents in Ohio usually worry about one issue far more than any other -- how they will handle their children after the marriage ends. From how much time a child will spend with each parent to who makes important life decisions, there are several matters that you and your ex will need to address.

4 questions about prenups

People often feel very nervous to even mention prenuptial agreements, let alone ask important questions about them. This leads to a fair amount of confusion about exactly what prenups are and what they can do.

You and your ex can still get along during and after a divorce

You know that you do not want a bitter divorce. You do not even want to go to court. You're most interested in divorce mediation, where you work together outside of court and then get your divorce agreement approved when you're done.

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