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Ways for Ohio spouses to keep stress low in divorce

Determining that your marriage is no longer sustainable may be one of the most significant and emotional experiences of your lifetime. Especially if you and your spouse have been together for many years or if you have children, such situations can be both liberating and devastating at the same time.

Stress affects your whole person, body, mind and soul. It's also a fact that your emotional health affects your physical condition and vice versa. High levels of stress can lead to all sorts of health problems, which is why,  like most New Jersey spouses, you likely want to keep your stress levels as low as possible as you finalize the terms of your divorce.

Mediation could be the answer to your divorce dilemmas

Divorce mediation has an important place in the world of divorce. Divorces sometimes come off as negative, vicious situations where two people devolve into angry, unhappy individuals ready to spite the other at any opportunity. The reality is that divorces like that are few and far between.

More people are turning to services like mediation to help them through the trials of a divorce. Mediation can be extremely helpful, especially when there are children involved. Mediation allows for both people to work through their issues and to come out in agreement on how they want to move forward with the divorce. That's something that you can't put a price on.

Quick action can prevent an international child abduction

A parent's worst nightmare is not being able to see their child due to the other parent kidnapping them. Sadly, this is a reality for many parents in America and abroad. Parental abduction, particularly international abduction, is a difficult problem to deal with. It involves at least two governments, if not more, and it can be very difficult to bring a child home.

Preventing international child abduction is very important to the U.S. government. As a parent, you have some decisions that you can make to help prevent this from happening.

Yes, you should be talking about college during your divorce

Like most other parents in Ohio, you want your child to get a good education. However, tuition rates seem to go up year after year, and with a divorce under your belt, will you be able to help them get the education they need? If you plan for it, you probably still can.

Parents with young children usually do not think about the cost of a college education. Regardless of age, this is something that all divorcing parents need to consider. Do not assume that your ex will feel the same obligation to provide financial support that you feel.

Reasons alimony orders can be changed

Either party involved in an alimony agreement has the ability to request a modification of the amount being paid or received. Because of this, there are specific reasons that courts most often accept as valid. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why an alimony order can be changed by the courts in Franklin, Ohio so you know what to request.

The party paying alimony can request to have the order reduced or even canceled based on a decreased need for support. This typically occurs once the recipient returns to the workforce, begins cohabiting with someone else or has remarried.

Invest in your child's future using child support

If you have been awarded child support payments by the court, you might not be sure what they can be used for in Ohio. There are plenty of uses for child support payments, but one of the most important is investing in your child's future. This can be done by creating a 529 account for college and much more. It's wise to take a look at other ways you can use child support to invest in your child's future.

As mentioned, you can open a 529 account for your child if you receive child support. If you already have one of these accounts set up, you can begin depositing monthly child support payments into them. You could also choose to deposit a portion of the monthly payments you receive. Either way, you are putting money away for your child to use when it's time for them to attend college.

Child custody mediation and what to expect

Divorcing is one of the most frightening things parents in Ohio face. In most cases, parents will search for ways to make the process of divorce and child custody proceedings as painless for the kids as possible. Mediation has become one of the top methods worried parents turn to in order to ease the transition for their kids.

Many times, first-time divorcing parents rely on the advice of family and friends who have already been through mediation successfully. Along with authoritative guidance from an attorney, this is often a big help for parents and children. Still, it would be even more helpful if parents had an idea of what to expect during the child custody mediation process. Below you will find some things you should be prepared for in child custody and divorce mediation proceedings.

  • Child custody mediation typically takes more than one session.
  • Some of these sessions can last two or three hours.
  • If you do not want to participate in mediation, you must notify the court in writing.
  • If a judge has ordered you to participate and you refuse, you might be held in contempt of court.
  • Willingness to cooperate with your spouse generally increases the chance of finding a fair resolution.

Does your situation warrant a court order modification?

One of the only things you can logically assume about life is that it never stays the same. Beyond that, it is impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy what the future holds. In fact, you may find that your life is headed in a particular direction one week, then unexpected events prompt a drastic turn the next week. If you've recently divorced, you may be one of many Ohio parents who are currently encountering child custody challenges.  

When the court hands down a custody ruling, you and your co-parent are legally obligated to adhere to the terms of the court order. Your children's best interests are, of course, among your highest priorities as you move on in life after divorce. However, the court's ruling is the deciding factor in certain things you must do, as well as certain thing you must avoid, regarding your children. If a problem arises, you can't simply take matters into your own hands if the situation involves an existing court order. 

Is formal divorce necessary in a common law Ohio marriage?

Informal marriages, also called common law marriages, have been around a lot longer than many people believe. At one time, the state of Ohio recognized this type of informal marriage as a legal contract.

In short, living together in common law means getting a formal divorce if the relationship ends. In Ohio, common law marriages have been prohibited since October of 1991, but those who entered such a marriage before that time must still get a legal divorce.

Self-care is crucial in coping throughout your divorce

When it comes to getting a divorce or even separating from a spouse, self-care is one of the first casualties. We all know how traumatic a divorce is and in our desire to simply get through the process, we may let our physical and emotional health fall by the wayside. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see as divorce attorneys serving Ohio residents.

While it may feel like one of the least important areas of focus when splitting from a spouse, taking care of yourself can actually help you cope with the divorce more effectively. After all, when you feel bad mentally, emotionally and physically, it can cause complications during your divorce. We offer the following example for you to consider.

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