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5 ways to reduce stress during a divorce

The divorce process is one of the most stressful things a person can experience. Stress is a common side effect of the uncertainty, change, and conflict that you are experiencing. But it is possible to manage and reduce stress.

The suggestions below can help you function better now and can provide a strong foundation for your post-divorce life.

10 ways to reduce the cost of ending your marriage

Many people stay in bad marriages far too long and move forward only when the situation becomes so severe that there is a lot of anger and resentment between the spouses. Letting things go that far makes the process of ending your marriage more emotionally and financially costly than it needs to be. It is also more harmful to the children.

So, why don't people take the first step and move forward before things get out of hand? The main barriers are typically concerns about a divorce's financial cost and the emotional toll on the family, especially the children. In this post, we will look at ways you can reduce the financial and emotional costs of ending your marriage.

Will this be the summer of your divorce?

At just about halfway through the summer, you may expect to be planning that big vacation or doing some final home improvement projects before you start back-to-school shopping. However, maybe this year, your heart isn't in it. If you are struggling in your marriage, you may be unable to enjoy the hot Ohio days and cooler evenings like in years past. Perhaps you are even thinking that this may be your last summer with your spouse.

It is not unusual for struggling couples to call it quits at the end of a long summer. Like Christmas and other winter holidays, summer carries certain expectations that often lead to disappointments. If you are already feeling discontent or dealing with other issues in your marriage, this summer may be all you need to help you decide whether to file for divorce.

Divorce mediation might be the right choice for your case

When you're going through a divorce, it may not be serious enough that you feel that you need to go to trial to resolve your disputes. What you may instead want to do is to look into divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation saves you time and money. It prevents you from having to wait for a trial, and you will likely spend less in attorney fees and on court fees, too.

Medical needs can affect child support and custody

When you have a child who has medical needs, you're going to have extra factors to consider during a divorce. You and your estranged spouse have to consider your child's best interests and how to help them with their medical care while still traveling between homes. You may also need to look into finding the best ways to maintain health insurance and discuss additional child support for the purposes of paying medical expenses.

Having a child who has medical issues isn't simple. They may need around-the-clock care, have a nurse who comes to your home or just a lot of medical expenses. In that case, you and your spouse will need to consider a visitation and custody plan, as well as support, that will guarantee that your child is getting the care they need while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Are you an Ohio stay-at-home mom headed for divorce?

When you got married, you may have been one of many women in Ohio who sacrificed a career to stay home and raise a family. Perhaps you've been able to add supplemental income to your household by working from home or using your creative entrepreneurial skills to turn a profit by selling products you create or providing day care for moms who work outside the home, etc.

Chances are, however, that if you've been at home full-time for a number of years, you'd likely encounter a serious challenge if you were to suddenly become responsible for 100% of your own financial needs. If you are heading for divorce, such thoughts might be causing you a lot of stress, especially regarding your children's best interests. Before filing a divorce petition, it pays to build a strong support network and to plan ahead.

What should you do if your ex isn't a great parent?

When you have a custody dispute, it can be one of the hardest times of your life. You want to make sure your children aren't suffering, but at the same time, you have to protect your right to see your children and may need to take steps to limit their contact with the other parent.

It is particularly difficult for some parents who believe that the other parent is not capable of caring for their children. Perhaps they're coming back from visitation days with clothes that are too small, are injured or are unusually hungry. If that's the case for you, you may feel that you have no other option than to turn to the court to try to get more custody or sole custody.

Alimony paid in a lump sum can be beneficial to the recipient

Among all the things that you have to deal with during a divorce, alimony may be one of the most crucial. Alimony is a protection sometimes given to lesser-earning spouses who need some financial support after a divorce. For example, a stay-at-home parent might not have a job that pays enough to support them. Therefore, alimony could be ordered to make up the difference and give them time to catch up in the workplace.

Typically, alimony is not paid permanently. However, it may be in some cases where the couple has been together for many decades or where one spouse is completely reliant on the other and unlikely to be able to work. In almost all cases, alimony can be paid in full up front instead of being paid over time. This can be beneficial if there's some doubt that the paying spouse may not be able or willing to make their regular payments.

Factors that often precede Ohio divorce

Married life typically includes relationship ups and downs. No two people can reasonably expect to spend a lifetime together without ever disagreeing or feeling at odds with each other. Some couples, especially those who have been together for two or more decades, learn to "read" one another to recognize signs of trouble. Many have helpful habits they employ when obstacles arise, which often help them air their differences and restore peace in their married lives.

If you're in another category, the one where one or both spouses are thinking relationship restoration is no longer possible, you're definitely not alone in your struggle. In fact, by year's end, hundreds, if not thousands, of Ohio couples will file for divorce. In such situations, it's critical that you understand your rights and know how to protect your and your children's (if you're a parent) best interests.

What should you expect during a mediation session?

If you and your estranged spouse have agreed to divorce mediation, you may not be sure exactly what to expect. Fortunately, it's easy to explain what you should know about mediation and what to expect when you arrive at the first session.

First, remember that no divorce is easy, and mediation is there to help you resolve disputes as quickly and calmly as possible. The first thing you both have to do is to choose a mediator. Remember, mediation is voluntary and nonbinding, so you should focus on finding the mediator who will guide you through the process best.

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