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Get help to make the best possible parenting plan

Determining where your child should live is one of the hardest parts of working out a parenting plan. Your parenting plan has to consider the best interests of your child, but it also has to account for your schedule and your ex-spouse's schedule, too. You need to be available when you're with your child, and you'll have to account for when your child has to be at school or at home due to holidays.

When you start working on your parenting plan, there are a few things to talk about. These factors include:

  • Times when your child is at school
  • Times when your child is at home due to school holidays, teacher conference days and other events
  • Your ex-spouse's work schedule
  • Your work schedule
  • Other responsibilities that take your time or your ex-spouse's time
  • Your child's preference on where to live

Dating during divorce: It's a bad idea for most people

Going through a divorce is difficult, and some people decide it's the right time to try to find someone new. It's usually advisable to wait until your divorce is finalized before pursuing a new relationship, because it could complicate the resolution.

If you are keen to date, it can be complicated to do so anyway. Divorces take up time and energy, and you may find that you have to increase your work load or spend time taking care of yourself more than when you were with your spouse. This can make it hard to date, let alone find someone that you want to have a relationship with.

Shaping the future for your children after divorce

Ohio parents know that their choice to end their marriage will impact their children in various ways. When handled the right way, divorce does not have to lead to emotional and mental upheaval, but parents have to be thoughtful and intentional about protecting their children. This may require setting aside temporary emotions for the sake of the kids. 

When parents do not place the well-being of their kids above their own desires and emotions, it can have a negative impact on the youngest members of the family – sometimes for the rest of their lives. Children benefit when allowed to maintain strong relationships with parents after divorce. When making divorce decisions that will impact your kids, you would be wise to think about both the immediate and long-term consequences of those choices.

Divorce mediation can be the solution to your problems

Divorce mediation can be a good idea for couples who have come to a standstill with their negotiations. Oftentimes, it's hard to get past the negative emotions that come with divorce. You might feel that you lash out more often than you'd usually do or that your spouse is being petty.

These are real problems during divorce, but mediation can help. Mediation has a few benefits for couples who struggle to communicate. For example, mediation means that a third party is there in the room with you to guide the conversation. This helps you stay on track and helps avoid outbursts and conflict.

Why choose online divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is sometimes one of the few ways that people can work through their problems and learn to resolve disputes without devolving into a standstill.

Mediation is less expensive than negotiating through your attorneys, going through arbitration or turning to a judge for help. There are different types of mediation, too, including online mediation. So, whether you're happy meeting in person or distance makes it impossible to do so, there is a mediation solution for every situation.

In an Ohio divorce, what happens to marital property?

The end of a marriage will signal many significant changes in the lives of an Ohio couple. If you are about to file your divorce petition or you already initiated this process, your priority will likely be to secure a final order that allows you to have stability and security well into the future. This includes a fair division of marital property and debt.

One aspect you may be most concerned about as you move forward with divorce is what will happen to your marital property. Your personal assets are important for your continuity of lifestyle, and you may be unsure of how you can protect your future financial interests in this complex process. One smart step may be to take the time to learn about how property division works according to Ohio divorce law.

What happens when your child chooses custody arrangements?

Your child is important to you, and they're important to your spouse as well. You can both agree that you both want to remain in your child's life. What you can't agree on is how often each of you should spend time with your child.

Your child is a young teen, and you know that their wishes might be heard in court. You're concerned about how your actions, as well as the other parent's actions, could taint your child's opinion of either of you and result in them choosing where to live against either of your wishes.

Here's what to prepare for your first attorney's appointment

When you first meet with your divorce attorney, there are many things you should bring to the appointment. Most people are so overwhelmed by divorce that they're not sure what to bring, but the reality is that it's pretty simple.

You'll want to sit down before the appointment and write out your major concerns, to start with. You'll also want to write down any issues regarding children or property.

When is it possible to choose an uncontested divorce?

For some Ohio couples, the choice to divorce does not come easy. For other couples, both parties may agree that divorce is necessary, but they may not be able to agree on the terms of the agreement. And sometimes, there are couples that choose to end their marriages and already agree on what their divorce should look like. In these cases, a dissolution of marriage or uncontested divorce is an option.

Uncontested divorce means exactly what you think it does -- there is no contest or remaining disputes between the two partners. This can make the process of ending the marriage very simple, but it is still important to be vigilant and ensure you do not agree to anything that violates your rights. Your future interests are at stake, even in a non-contentious divorce.

What are the penalties for late or missing support payments?

When a child support payment is late, it's known as a delinquent payment. A delinquent payment can be extremely hard for the recipient to deal with. They may rely on the payment to buy their child clothing or school lunches. Being late isn't an option.

Failing to pay child support can lead to serious consequences. You could lose your license, have your wages garnished or worse. Additionally, being late with child support likely means that you'll pay interest and fines, which adds up to more than you'd pay originally.

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