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Do I need to keep records of the alimony I receive?

Once you and your spouse decide that you need to split, you will have a whole new set of issues to deal with. Life after a divorce is often more challenging than most Ohio residents expect. While you will eventually be free from an unhappy marriage, other issues may prolong your contact with your ex.

Alimony is one of these issues. If your ex has been ordered to make spousal support payments, it is likely that you will continue to have at least some form of contact with your ex, even if it is only a check arriving in your mailbox once a month. Many alimony recipients simply cash the check and then forget about it, but it is wise to make sure you document your spousal support from start to end.

Is it necessary to put together a team to help you divorce?

One wonderful thing about the 21st century is the increasing acceptance that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. Help is now available for just about any endeavor a person undertakes. You can hire a life coach with ease, find someone to work as a personal assistant and even engage an advocate to discourage you from making bad personal decisions.

Divorce is no exception. Here in Ohio, you can find many different professionals to assist you through the process. However, is it really necessary to take a team approach to get divorced? The short answer to this question is maybe, but perhaps not.

Dividing joint debts in a divorce

There are few families in Ohio or elsewhere that do not have some amount of debt. This may include mortgages, credit cards, student loans and personal loans. If you and your spouse struggle each month stretching your paychecks to cover your debts, you know how stressful this can be. In fact, finances, including debt, are often the cause of marriage breakups.

No matter the root of your decision to divorce, you now have many decisions to face. Among them is the division of your assets, including your house, vehicles and personal belongings. However, an important part of dividing your households is separating your joint debts. Undoubtedly, you and your spouse pooled your resources to obtain loans, especially if one of you had a better credit rating. It is important that you understand how the court divides marital debt.

Unmarried fathers in Ohio have child custody rights

Unmarried dads often feel as if they have no rights to their own children. Despite this common and persistent myth, family law courts understand that fathers have much to contribute to the lives of their kids. As such, courts typically look for ways in which both parents can love and care for their children, regardless of whether they ever married.

As lawyers and advocates for families in Ohio, we strongly urge all dads, married and unmarried, to participate in their child's upbringing. This benefits children in more ways than we can count, and it adds much joy to the father's life as well. While many fathers want to have a share of their child's custody, a large number of them do not know how to go about exercising their parental rights.

Struggling with the idea of talking to your kids about divorce?

Like most Ohio parents, you've likely encountered situations where you have had to give your children disappointing news. Perhaps you had planned a family vacation, then learned that your new work schedule would interfere, so you had to cancel. Maybe you're one of many who have had to break the news to kids that someone they love has died.

A lot of parents say that one of the most difficult things to talk to kids about is divorce. Trying to come up with the right words to let them know that their parents are ending their marriage, and that their whole family is no longer going to live under the same roof, can be emotionally upsetting. However, it doesn't necessarily have to leave a lasting, negative scar.

Can you use child support for day care?

Your ex pays you child support. Since you got a new job with a new schedule, you do not have time to watch the children every day. You want to use some of the child support money to pay for day care so that you can go to work.

However, your ex thinks this is unfair. They complain that the child support money is supposed to help you raise the child, not go to some random day care center. In other words, they don't think you can spend that money just to give yourself the freedom to take this new job. It should go directly to the kids. Who is right?

What should you do when your children are with your ex?

When people think about child custody cases, they always focus on the time they get to spend with the children. They put far less thought into all of this time that they'll now be alone, when their kids are with their ex.

It's that time that can be very hard for parents. Even with a completely even split, you still spend 50 percent of your time by yourself. How can you cope with that?

Settling outside of court may be possible during divorce in Ohio

The thought of getting a divorce can certainly be overwhelming. This is particularly true if your idea of getting a divorce means going toe to toe with your future ex on how to handle divorce issues such as property division.

The reality is that your divorce process does not have to be acrimonious, contrary to what you may see on television. It is possible to resolve your divorce issues outside of an Ohio courtroom so that you can move on with your life more quickly and peacefully.

Why would 2 people own a home together after divorce?

The stereotypical assumption during a divorce is that the couple will sell the house. At the very least, one spouse will buy out the other spouse and refinance the house. The two will not own it together.

However, couples sometimes break this stereotype and decide to keep the home with joint ownership even after they end the marriage. Why would they do this?

Can you use a home paternity test in court?

DNA testing is used to determine paternity when there is a dispute. This is a scientific process that offers distinct proof, regardless of what either party claims.

For instance, perhaps a woman believes that her ex-boyfriend is the father of her child. The child was conceived while the two of them were together. However, her ex argues that she was not faithful to him during the relationship. He believes that the child actually belongs to another man, and he does not want to pay anything in child support as a result.

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