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Determining where your child should live is one of the hardest parts of working out a parenting plan. Your parenting plan has to consider the best interests of your child, but it also has to account for your schedule and your ex-spouse’s schedule, too. You need to be available when you’re with your child, and you’ll have to account for when your child has to be at school or at home due to holidays.

When you start working on your parenting plan, there are a few things to talk about. These factors include:

  • Times when your child is at school
  • Times when your child is at home due to school holidays, teacher conference days and other events
  • Your ex-spouse’s work schedule
  • Your work schedule
  • Other responsibilities that take your time or your ex-spouse’s time
  • Your child’s preference on where to live

You and your spouse may be on good terms or be at odds with one another, but in any case, you need to sit down and talk about these and other factors that affect where your child can live and when each parent should have physical custody. Each of you can bring your ideas and schedules with you, match them up and work on discrepancies. If there are things you already agree on, start there. Then, address each conflict one by one to reach a solid parenting plan.

Our site has more on what to do if you need to create a parenting plan. A good parenting plan helps you care for your child successfully despite ending your marriage.