Dating during divorce: It’s a bad idea for most people

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | divorce |

Going through a divorce is difficult, and some people decide it’s the right time to try to find someone new. It’s usually advisable to wait until your divorce is finalized before pursuing a new relationship, because it could complicate the resolution.

If you are keen to date, it can be complicated to do so anyway. Divorces take up time and energy, and you may find that you have to increase your work load or spend time taking care of yourself more than when you were with your spouse. This can make it hard to date, let alone find someone that you want to have a relationship with.

If you do find someone to see romantically, you can’t forget how it affects your divorce. Emotions are usually raw during divorces, and until some time passes, showing up with a new boyfriend or girlfriend could be extremely hurtful. On top of that, it can hurt your case for spousal support, which could affect the amount of money you’re able to receive in your divorce settlement.

Don’t make an irreversible mistake that could adversely impact your future because you were too impatient to wait a few months before you began to date. If you do start to see someone, make sure you don’t move in with them or share assets together. It could be less likely to affect your case in court if you forgo flaunting a new relationship. An otherwise amenable resolution may be discarded if your former spouse feels disrespected or threatened by the fact that you have obviously moved on.