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A family law attorney can help you parent better

Before going forward, we want to clarify that it is not a divorce lawyer's role to hand out parenting tips. However, the things you learn from your partnership with a family law attorney can help you improve your parenting skills. All it takes is your willingness to use what lawyers have learned throughout their careers on behalf of your own children.

Do I need to keep records of the alimony I receive?

Once you and your spouse decide that you need to split, you will have a whole new set of issues to deal with. Life after a divorce is often more challenging than most Ohio residents expect. While you will eventually be free from an unhappy marriage, other issues may prolong your contact with your ex.

Is it necessary to put together a team to help you divorce?

One wonderful thing about the 21st century is the increasing acceptance that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. Help is now available for just about any endeavor a person undertakes. You can hire a life coach with ease, find someone to work as a personal assistant and even engage an advocate to discourage you from making bad personal decisions.

Dividing joint debts in a divorce

There are few families in Ohio or elsewhere that do not have some amount of debt. This may include mortgages, credit cards, student loans and personal loans. If you and your spouse struggle each month stretching your paychecks to cover your debts, you know how stressful this can be. In fact, finances, including debt, are often the cause of marriage breakups.

Unmarried fathers in Ohio have child custody rights

Unmarried dads often feel as if they have no rights to their own children. Despite this common and persistent myth, family law courts understand that fathers have much to contribute to the lives of their kids. As such, courts typically look for ways in which both parents can love and care for their children, regardless of whether they ever married.

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