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The scope of subjects under family law might surprise you

When a couple marries, they probably don't think about speaking with an attorney first. Yes, every state has laws governing the process, but it's more of an administrative issue than anything else. In Ohio, the rule in most cases is that you must go to the local probate court and apply.

What are good steps to take to prepare for mediation?

The process of mediation as it applies to divorce and other family law issues is one that is still developing in many ways. In the view of many, use of mediation has a number of possible advantages. Perhaps chief among them is that those who choose to use it have a chance to maintain greater control over the proceedings. Those who commit to mediation can work to resolve their issues themselves.

State's options for enforcing child support

Under Ohio law, the presumption on the behalf of every child is that both parents bear a duty of support to the youngster until age 18. This applies whether the adults are married or not. That being the case, the expectation is that both parents will provide financial support in accordance with a formula that reflects the parents' existing combined resources. Potential earning power of each parent might also be a factor.

Flip side of the coin on lump sum spousal support

Divorce, even in its simplest form, is not very simple. There are many ways to go about dissolving the marriage and identifying the one that is best for your situation can feel daunting. The emotional aspects certainly require attention. But perhaps the most pressing issues revolve around money.

You and your spouse already agreed on divorce terms. Now what?

Divorce is difficult, but litigation is not necessarily the only option for many Ohio couples. You may find that you and your spouse are already in agreement over the terms of your divorce order, but it is just a matter of making your agreement official. Even when there are no disputes and no need for a trial, there are still important legal steps to take before a divorce is final.

What is the key to successful divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation gives you a chance to stay out of court, making decisions on your own and working with a third party to guide you and your spouse through the process. It's typically a faster, low-stress way to reach fair agreements when you and your spouse have not been able to do it on your own.

Tips to make divorce mediation go smoother

Divorces have the reputation of being messy. If the case is handled by trial in court, it can be. The process can also be financially draining and emotionally taxing. These can be significant barriers to achieving the divorce you might feel you need, which is why alternative methods, such as mediation, are becoming more popular.

Collaborative divorce: Potential pros and cons

Choice is a good thing - usually. Sometimes, however, too many choices make it harder to decide what to do. In recent years, an array of choices has opened up for couples in Ohio for how to go about ending irretrievably broken unions. No longer is a court fight to obtain a divorce, annulment or legal separation a foregone conclusion.

Factors that that can influence Ohio child custody

Parents typically want what's best for their children. That is true whether the parents are together or apart. Even if parents don't see eye to eye on all matters, they are likely to agree that they want to provide the conditions they feel are important for ensuring that their children grow to become respectful, responsible and productive members of society.

Ways to help kids keep divorce stress to a minimum

Like most good parents in Ohio and throughout the nation, you want what is best for your children. If you have been parenting for a handful of years or more, you already know that, sometimes, what your kids want and what you believe is best for them may not coincide. It can be difficult to carry out tough love in such situations. You believe that in the long run, however, your children will understand you've always had their best interests in mind.

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