A Combination Of Legal Experience In Providing Legal Services And Expertise To Clients


“I was extremely pleased with Marty Anderson and her Law Firm. Professional, thorough, knowledgeable, always has the client’s best interest. The firm made my dealings as pleasant as possible. I am grateful.”

Veda Nami

“Eric brought me peace of mind and that’s priceless to me. His knowledge was comforting and I’m glad he was on my side.”

“Although I selected Mr. Johnson and this firm to represent me due to their emphasis on and experience in a collaborative process, it soon became apparent that my particular divorce would not be based on mediated dialogue and negotiation. My concerns that the firm would not effectively handle what had become an increasingly confrontational and antagonistic situation, however, were completely unfounded. Mr. Johnson’s consistent professionalism, exhaustive thoroughness, and, perhaps most importantly, insistence on the highest standards of ethics, allowed me and my children to benefit from a fair and favorable settlement. He presented a reasonable and impeccably supported argument that the court respected. Not only did I receive the satisfaction of a favorable settlement, I was able to walk away with my dignity and self-respect intact. Ethics and decency do equal results.”
Julie O.

“I was referred to this firm by a friend and colleague. I met with Heather Sowald and Robert Hawley and attorney Hawley took the lead in handling my case. I have two school-aged children, am a working professional mother, and had been served divorce papers. I was fortunate to have Bob represent me. My goal was to obtain a fair and equitable outcome and Bob supported me in that cause. Bob was respectful of my time and never did I feel like he was overbilling or creating unnecessary drama. Bob was transparent in what he was thinking, giving me options, and assisting me with navigating those options at every juncture. He balanced my directives against not letting me make inappropriate decisions. The firm’s support staff was exceptional. Abby, Connie and Susan were very helpful when it came to scheduling and dealing with the court process and all of the necessary paperwork.

“Bob and his staff are experienced professionals, highly adept at navigating all the emotions of divorce. He respects his clients, appreciates the trauma of divorce, and responsibly navigates the rough terrain, never taking anyone for granted. He appreciates the downfalls of the family law system, but is open-minded enough to craft a unique plan for the client, as every divorce has its own challenges and nuances. I believe Bob’s experience in working with the judges, magistrates, attorneys, and associated professionals involved in the domestic relations practice, gives his clients an edge in the overall process. He is very responsive and is thorough in answering every question and concern. He is honest and personable and truly cares for his clients. He is absolutely well-versed in the law and he’s the kind of guy you feel sad when the professional relationship is over, but you pray that you will not need his services again.”
Dr. B

“I have been working with attorneys at this firm for almost 20 years, beginning with expert and efficient guidance through the dissolution of a marriage. The attorneys here managed my dissolution process so that it was completed amicably in less than a year. They designed a dissolution agreement and shared parenting plans that reflected my values: highest among them, putting the best interests of my young child at their core. In the following years, Robert B. Hawley provided exemplary legal guidance when life situations evolved. Bob’s expertise, understanding, sound advice, and consistently immediate responses to my concerns provided reliable ballast for me when I needed wise counsel about sometimes confusing terrain.”

“Heather Sowald was recommended to me by two people. I was informed that she would be a great attorney for the collaborative divorce process and is a very successful attorney. I highly recommend her. She was wonderful during an incredibly difficult emotional time in my life. She is the epitome of “Divorce with Dignity.” She was always available when I needed her. She was very fair and honest in her billing. She is incredibly knowledgeable in family divorce law. She’s very smart and totally understands complicated financial matters. She was committed to the collaborative process and I was divorced after 4 team meetings in almost six months. I am so grateful to have had an attorney with such integrity.”
Joan L.

“Heather helped me during a very difficult period in my life. She treated me with compassion and understanding. I appreciated her professionalism, including the way she explained legal terms and procedures to me while we were negotiating my dissolution of marriage settlement.”

“I chose Heather Sowald to represent me based on her extensive experience with the collaborative divorce process. While her experience proved to be very valuable, I was most impressed by her willingness to patiently explain the process to me and promptly answer every question I had. She was a zealous advocate, but also congenial and professional when interacting with other parties involved, making the divorce process as smooth and efficient as possible.”