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Plan for your post-divorce financial future

When an Ohio couple confronts the question of whether to divorce or dissolve their marriage, a great many matters that have to be addressed. Regardless of the route pursued - legal separation, dissolution or contested divorce - there are going to be emotional stresses. Equally worth acknowledging is that there will be financial stresses, too.

Design your parenting plan for successful co-parenting

Even though you and your children's other parent are no longer together, that does not mean that you can't continue to raise them together. Few co-parenting relationships begin without a rocky start. After all, the parents recently decided to part ways, and the emotions that go along with that may still be raw and require resolution.

What can invalidate a premarital agreement?

We have written a number of posts recently on prenuptial agreements and the necessary elements that they need to have to be executed successfully. What this post will aim to provide is some insight into the various issues that can result in a prenuptial agreement being declared invalid later in court.

Explaining the uses of child support

Child support is an important part of any child custody case. One parent will be required to issue payments to the other parent on a regular basis. Those payments can be used for just about anything when it comes to raising the children. But, what exactly can they be used for? We will discuss the uses of child support in today's post.

How to talk about prenups

If you are an entrepreneur who is planning to get married, a prenuptial agreement can be a lifesaver if the marriage breaks down later. After all, in many instances, businesses can become marital assets that are subject to division between the spouses.

Pursuing a strong parenting plan for the future

During a divorce, child custody is often one of the most sensitive and complicated issues to address. Ohio parents naturally want to protect the best interests of their children, but they also want to fight for the protection of their parental rights. It can be complex to effectively address these two aspects of custody and visitation. 

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