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Think carefully before following divorce trends

Divorce is not an easy process to walk through. It can involve complex emotions, and parents have to figure out how to navigate their own feelings while making decisions that are in the best interests of the children. One way that some Ohio parents do this is by opting for a nesting custody arrangement.

How can grandparents in Ohio seek visitation rights?

In most families, children have a special relationship with their grandparents. When a divorce or other circumstance separates children and grandparents, it can be harmful to all parties. Family law courts recognize how beneficial a strong child/grandparent bond is. With the best interests of the children at heart, many of these courts allow estranged grandparents to seek legal visitation or even child custody in some situations.

Is there a legal solution for those who can't pay child support?

When people least expect it, life circumstances can arise that place them in a precarious financial situation. For people without children, it is easier to find a solution to these situations because they do not have to worry about providing for kids. For Ohio parents who contribute to the care of their kids through child support, a single financial hardship can have many detrimental consequences for parents and children alike.

Prioritizing your future in divorce mediation

Have you ever thought about what you would like your post-divorce life to look like? Perhaps you would like to travel abroad or move to a quiet Pacific island. Maybe you want to earn an advanced degree. Some people just want to survive their divorce and move on to a better or healthier personal lifestyle.

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