What should you expect during a mediation session?

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If you and your estranged spouse have agreed to divorce mediation, you may not be sure exactly what to expect. Fortunately, it’s easy to explain what you should know about mediation and what to expect when you arrive at the first session.

First, remember that no divorce is easy, and mediation is there to help you resolve disputes as quickly and calmly as possible. The first thing you both have to do is to choose a mediator. Remember, mediation is voluntary and nonbinding, so you should focus on finding the mediator who will guide you through the process best.

What should you expect during a mediation session?

During a session, the mediator starts by introducing themselves. They also establish rules for the meeting, like requiring each of you to respect one another or avoid interrupting. Each person can then make an opening statement if they wish. The mediator will want to know what you hope to accomplish, too.

Mediators like to set tasks for clients, like considering alternatives to ideas they already have. In joint meetings, your attorneys may join you and participate alongside you with the mediator as the guiding force. If a settlement is agreed upon, then your attorneys can be there to draw up the agreement at the appointment. If an agreement is signed, then the session ends, and the divorce settlement is binding moving forward.

Every session will be different, but these are the basic things that you should expect when you get to your first mediation session. Your attorney can explain more about what you need to do to prepare.