Learn about alimony and what you can do if you need it

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When someone seeks alimony, the cause is usually because they need financial support to live comfortably after divorce. One spouse, for instance, might make $67,000 every year. The other might make $25,000. To make up at least some of that difference, alimony can be ordered.

Even a small amount, like $5,000 a year, can make a huge difference to someone who has a lower income than their significant other, especially if they can’t improve their financial situation right away. Alimony, which is normally temporarily assigned, can help support them while they go back to school or work to improve their own financial situation.

What should you do if you need alimony?

Lots of people need alimony after a divorce. If you believe that you will need alimony because of a difference in earning capabilities or because you were not working during your marriage, talk to your attorney about Ohio’s laws and what you can do to negotiate a fair amount of alimony from your spouse. There are no two cases that are the same, but looking at your budget and the suggested guidelines will give you an idea of what you can expect.

Are there times when alimony is not awarded?

Yes. For example, if you get remarried shortly after your divorce, alimony can be stopped. Similarly, if you have a large increase in your income, your ex-spouse might seek to lower or end alimony payments completely. Your attorney can talk to you more about the rules and obligations that you face if you want to obtain alimony in the future.