Contentious or not, custody has to be discussed

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Child custody is a contentious topic for many people going through a divorce. When it comes up, it often feels as if it is a war. One parent may try to get as much custody as possible without considering how that would affect the other parent’s life with their child.

Today, many courts prefer to see parents who share custody as equally as possible. The reason for this is that children do better when they have two parents supporting them, even if their parents are separated. Having both parents support them and being able to communicate with both parents is important to a child’s overall mental health.

Are there times when parents should not share custody?

Of course, there are situations in which parents should not share custody. For example, if one parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then they may not be prepared to take care of their child. They may need supervised visitation instead, which would still allow them to see their child but only under supervised conditions.

Barring any serious allegations of abuse or drug or alcohol use, parents should be part of their children’s lives regularly. Children need to know that both parents will continue to be a part of their lives, even after a divorce.

As parents, it may be difficult to imagine having days where you don’t see your child. However, you need to remember that you are both partners in raising your child. Each of you deserves a reasonable amount of time with your child as they grow older.

If you have questions about setting up a custody plan that gives you the time you need with your child, speak with your attorney. Your attorney has a history of working with cases like yours and can provide you with information about parenting plans and custody schedules that have worked for others in similar situations.