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Children's custody preferences carry more weight as they grow up

You and your spouse got divorced when your kids were both under 4 years old. They were not old enough to really have a say in where they wanted to live, so you and your spouse reached an agreement that let the children stay with you most of the time, visiting your ex on the weekends.

Focusing on school success after divorce

One concern parents often have when getting divorced is that their children will not do well in school. As with all child custody decisions, the important thing is to put the kids first and focus on their needs. Clearly, that means trying to come up with a plan to help them do as well as possible academically during what can be a trying time.

Co-parenting with a narcissist: Is it even possible?

You might not know the definition of a narcissist. But you probably can say with some assuredness, "I know one when I see one." Psychologists know the hallmarks of what's called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). In the simplest terms, those with NPD "exhibit a lack of ability to empathize with others and inflated sense of self-importance."

Helping grandparents and other relatives seek child custody

The news out of Cuyahoga County in recent days drives home yet again the depth of the issue that Ohio faces regarding children in foster care. According to an article on, authorities report that there are nearly 2,300 children in some form of state-managed care. But county officials say demand continues to rise and they are seeking to recruit more foster families.

Can I recover parental rights terminated by the state?

The law grants biological parents a great deal of preference when it comes to matters of child custody. Unless egregious conditions exist that put the welfare of a child at risk, the rights of biological parents to retain custody are significant. This is especially true in cases where the mother is the parent in question.

Factors that that can influence Ohio child custody

Parents typically want what's best for their children. That is true whether the parents are together or apart. Even if parents don't see eye to eye on all matters, they are likely to agree that they want to provide the conditions they feel are important for ensuring that their children grow to become respectful, responsible and productive members of society.

What is bird nesting and is it worth considering?

Regular readers know we revisit matters on occasion. One of the topics that gets a lot of ink, and we think rightly so, is that of parenting and how to create plans that work for Ohio couples who have determined they have come to the end of the road of their own relationship.

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