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Can I recover parental rights terminated by the state?

The law grants biological parents a great deal of preference when it comes to matters of child custody. Unless egregious conditions exist that put the welfare of a child at risk, the rights of biological parents to retain custody are significant. This is especially true in cases where the mother is the parent in question.

Factors that that can influence Ohio child custody

Parents typically want what's best for their children. That is true whether the parents are together or apart. Even if parents don't see eye to eye on all matters, they are likely to agree that they want to provide the conditions they feel are important for ensuring that their children grow to become respectful, responsible and productive members of society.

What is bird nesting and is it worth considering?

Regular readers know we revisit matters on occasion. One of the topics that gets a lot of ink, and we think rightly so, is that of parenting and how to create plans that work for Ohio couples who have determined they have come to the end of the road of their own relationship.

How to prepare for a hearing on child custody

When parents no longer live together or are headed for divorce, it's inevitable that a child custody issue will arise. Many parents are able to solve this issue on their own before they even hit mediation. Then there are parents who wind up in family court in front of a judge. The judge will make the final decision regarding child custody and base it on the best interests of the child.

8 elements of a parenting plan

One of the hardest issues to work out in a divorce is a parenting plan for the children. Ohio has two types of child custody. Sole custody is when one parent is designated as the sole legal custodian of the children. This parent has the authority to make all decisions for the children. Shared parenting, which used to be called joint custody, means that the parents work together to make decisions about the care and upbringing for the children. According to the American Psychological Association, joint custody is better for children. Children whose parents can work together after a divorce have higher self-esteem, better school performance and fewer behavior problems than those in a sole custody arrangement.

Don't censor your child's love for the other parent after divorce

Most of us have known of a parent who, after having separated from their spouse, spoke ill of them to their child. Maybe a single parent who bad-mouthed the other raised you, or maybe you know the temptation to vent your frustrations about your ex to your child.

Holiday parenting plans: do I have 2 options or endless options?

Decorating a Christmas tree is like taking a walk down memory lane. The doves that intertwine remind you of your first Christmas, when you and your spouse could barely afford a tree. The handprint in the clay makes it hard for you to believe that your child was ever that small, and you can still remember the big grin on their face when they handed you the one they had made out of macaroni and a ton of glue in first grade.

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