Is there a legal solution for those who can’t pay child support?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | child support |

When people least expect it, life circumstances can arise that place them in a precarious financial situation. For people without children, it is easier to find a solution to these situations because they do not have to worry about providing for kids. For Ohio parents who contribute to the care of their kids through child support, a single financial hardship can have many detrimental consequences for parents and children alike.

Some circumstances that can affect one’s ability to make child support payments include a sudden job loss, suffering a debilitating illness or injury and switching to a new job that pays a lesser wage initially. When these events occur, the divorced parent responsible for paying child support needs to find a solution as early as possible. If left unaddressed, the parent may incur severe legal consequences and the child will likely suffer in some way from the absence of financial support.

When something happens that affects your ability to pay child support, you should never ignore the situation. It is also extremely unwise to simply stop making your payments altogether. Instead, consider talking over your new circumstances with a lawyer. Family courts look favorably on parents that seek a court-approved solution for their financial hardships right away.

It is possible to request a child support order modification in many situations and a family law attorney can guide you through this process. If the court grants your request, it will give you a way to manage your support obligations without violating your original child support order. You will then be free to focus on improving your financial situation and returning the full amount of support that your child needs to thrive.