Prioritizing your future in divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | divorce mediation |

Have you ever thought about what you would like your post-divorce life to look like? Perhaps you would like to travel abroad or move to a quiet Pacific island. Maybe you want to earn an advanced degree. Some people just want to survive their divorce and move on to a better or healthier personal lifestyle.

Personal goals are an important part of life, especially during trying or difficult events such as a divorce. Setting goals for yourself before your divorce is finalized can make all the difference in how you approach divorce mediation. We have seen firsthand how effective post-divorce goals can be in helping spouses make it through the mediation process.

A major role of a mediator involves helping spouses resolve family law issues while achieving as clean a break as possible. Even though the mediator cannot make suggestions or decisions, he or she does facilitate better communication between spouses. This improved communication may ease some of the conflict normally associated with divorce, allowing you to remain focused on your post-divorce goals.

In some cases, mediation may also help couples achieve their divorce faster because mediators have a double dose of important knowledge. They understand the laws that govern divorce in Ohio, and they know about effective methods of dispute resolution. A faster divorce means that you can start reaching for those post-divorce goals sooner than you might have initially expected.

We encourage our clients to look at post-divorce life from a positive viewpoint. Doing so might even help you feel more encouraged about the outcome of all your hard work. We offer additional information about family law on the pages of our website if you need to learn more.