Is it necessary to put together a team to help you divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | divorce |

One wonderful thing about the 21st century is the increasing acceptance that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. Help is now available for just about any endeavor a person undertakes. You can hire a life coach with ease, find someone to work as a personal assistant and even engage an advocate to discourage you from making bad personal decisions.

Divorce is no exception. Here in Ohio, you can find many different professionals to assist you through the process. However, is it really necessary to take a team approach to get divorced? The short answer to this question is maybe, but perhaps not.

Complex marriages – those in which many assets or wealth are at stake – a team approach can provide many benefits. It can make the process smoother and ensure you come out of the divorce with your fair share of marital property. For these types of situations, team members to consider include the following:

  • A family law attorney to protect your rights and be your advocate
  • A divorce financial planner to help you plan for your financial future
  • A forensic accountant to make sure all assets have been reported
  • An expert to help you appraise real estate or assign a value to business assets

In short marriages or marriages in which the couple has accumulated few if any assets, you can probably get by just fine with only a divorce attorney. In this kind of situation, the right lawyer can handle many of the tasks that the potential team members listed above would perform. Engaging with only one professional – your lawyer – who knows and understands the details of your divorce may reduce your stress while enhancing your peace of mind.