You and your spouse already agreed on divorce terms. Now what?

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Divorce is difficult, but litigation is not necessarily the only option for many Ohio couples. You may find that you and your spouse are already in agreement over the terms of your divorce order, but it is just a matter of making your agreement official. Even when there are no disputes and no need for a trial, there are still important legal steps to take before a divorce is final.

When two parties agree on issues related to child custody, property division and financial support, those two people can move forward with an uncontested divorce. With no outstanding issues remaining, it is possible to avoid trial. This will save you time, money and a considerable amount of stress. There are many benefits to settling your divorce out of court.

How does an out-of-court divorce work?

Settling a divorce out of court is not possible for every couple. Trial is only necessary in cases in which other methods of dispute resolution break down. Mediation and collaboration are both non-adversarial processes that allow couples to work through their disputes and come to a final divorce order in a peaceful manner.

In some cases, a formal dispute resolution process is not necessary. You and your spouse may already know how both parties want the divorce to work, and you simply want to move forward. Whether you came to agreement formally or informally, a judge will have final approval over your order. The judge will ensure your agreement is fair, reasonable and that both parties understand the terms pertaining to the following issues:

  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation schedule
  • Division of marital debt

Even without the need for litigation, many people facing divorce find it beneficial to have the assistance of a legal ally as they work on the terms of their divorce order through discussions or other methods. This will help ensure you fully protect your interests in the terms of your final order.

Your future after divorce

When your marriage is over, there is a lot on the line. The stakes are high, but you do not have to walk through it alone. With help, you can secure an order that allows you to have a strong and prosperous future.

Divorce is complex, but this does not mean you have to end up in court. You have the right to seek an out-of-court agreement and a reasonable outcome without litigation.