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5 reasons a marriage falls apart

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | divorce |

Every marriage is unique, and those seeking a divorce may have their own unique reasons for doing so. However, many of these reasons do tend to stem from the same root causes. This can impact how the case proceeds moving forward in Ohio courts.

For example, here are five reasons that marriages fall apart and end in divorce.

  1. Individuals lose their own identity. One partner feels like the other always makes all of the choices, from what food to eat to what movie to see to how to spend their money. This takes a toll over time.
  2. People felt like they did not actually have a choice about getting married. For instance, one person may have felt like getting married was the wrong move, but they’d already spent money on the ceremony and paid for the honeymoon, so they went along with it.
  3. The expectations were wrong. A lot of people assume that marriage won’t be hard, and they’re not ready for the challenges after that initial glow fades.
  4. Couples refuse to compromise. Even little things get frustrating. For instance, one person wants to party and go out every weekend, while the other wants to stay in with a book or a movie. It’s okay to be different, but it’s problematic when people always insist on getting their way.
  5. Money gets in the way. Money is a constant source of stress for many couples, often because they handle it differently. For instance, one person saves every possible cent, while the other spends it freely and without worry.

If you do decide to get divorced, make sure you know your rights and legal options regarding child custody, property division and more.

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