What are the benefits of using alternative dispute resolution in a divorce?

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A divorce can be a difficult and emotional experience. If your divorce is particularly acrimonious, think about using an alternative dispute resolution method.

The most common alternative dispute resolution methods are arbitration and mediation, as opposed to courtroom litigation. Either one could be a more peaceful way of ending a marriage. Here are some of the benefits of using alternative dispute resolution methods in a divorce.

It saves you money

Settling a divorce by using a mediator can be less than a third of the cost of a litigated divorce. In a traditional divorce, people who are contentious speak through their attorneys. It raises the cost. Also, formal discovery can be expensive. With mediation, however, discovery is informal and costs less. Arbitration is similar to a trial but with fewer rigid rules. The cost of discovery is typically far less and an arbitration can be scheduled, privately, at a time convenient for you.

It is less stressful for the children

Litigation is stressful for parents and children. With mediation, children are able to see their parents work together in peace. That, in turn, helps them adjust better to divorce. With mediation, you also have more control. You and your former spouse work together to make parental decisions. Arbitration takes place in a private setting before an arbitrator, not a judge. Your children need not testify.

It is a comfortable environment

Many people find the courtroom intimidating. They feel anxious about standing in front of a judge. In arbitration or mediation, you work with an impartial arbitrator or mediator. You want to cooperate and make easier decisions. Plus, the goal of the arbitrator is to make a decision that is fair for you both, while a mediator’s goal is to help you and your divorcing spouse communicate and develop a resolution you can both live with..

Mediation and arbitration can save you money and bring about a more peaceful resolution. More importantly, you are happier because you worked together. It could mean the start of a positive relationship.