How is spousal support determined in Ohio?

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Spousal support is court-ordered payments that one spouse makes to the other. Spousal support is either temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances. The intent of alimony used to focus on the well-being of the wife. However, current events often find women earning more than their spouses. Spousal support is now a means to protect the spouse’s best interests regardless of gender or sexuality.

According to the Ohio Bar, spousal support only occurs after property division and is not awarded unless necessary. To learn more about how courts calculate spousal support, continue reading below.

When is spousal support necessary?

The main factor is each spouse’s income and earning ability. If one spouse relies on the other for their living arrangements, it is more likely the court will order spousal support. Things that determine earning power include the person’s age, physical capabilities, training or education, retirement benefits and personal assets.

Does the marriage duration matter?

Besides the earning capabilities of the respective parties, the courts consider how long the marriage lasted. This is important because if a person relies on the other spouse for a significant amount of time, their previous training or education may not be relevant for their earning ability. If the marriage only lasted a short time and the spouse is still young, the court may not find spousal support necessary even if they do not have significant training or education.

Besides the factors detailed above, courts consider several other aspects of the marriage before they mandate spousal support. It is vital that you gather the relevant information for your case and prepare for a reduced income.