Will this be the summer of your divorce?

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At just about halfway through the summer, you may expect to be planning that big vacation or doing some final home improvement projects before you start back-to-school shopping. However, maybe this year, your heart isn’t in it. If you are struggling in your marriage, you may be unable to enjoy the hot Ohio days and cooler evenings like in years past. Perhaps you are even thinking that this may be your last summer with your spouse.

It is not unusual for struggling couples to call it quits at the end of a long summer. Like Christmas and other winter holidays, summer carries certain expectations that often lead to disappointments. If you are already feeling discontent or dealing with other issues in your marriage, this summer may be all you need to help you decide whether to file for divorce.

Information leads to wiser decisions

Many couples find that a counselor helps when they have issues they cannot resolve on their own. However, it is common for spouses to delay seeking this help until they have too much resentment between them for counseling to be effective. Nevertheless, before taking a major, lifechanging step like divorce, it may be a good idea to seek the advice of a counselor, minister or other professional.

Additionally, even if you have not made a firm decision to end your marriage, it is wise to obtain information about the legal process and your options for divorce. Often, having this information allows a spouse to think with a clearer head since he or she has a better understanding of what lies ahead on the path to divorce. You will want to know as much as possible about Ohio child custody laws, property division and other factors that will affect your post-divorce life.

Examining your options

Your attorney can also give you guidance in taking some preliminary steps to protect yourself financially during this tenuous time. If you are not interested in taking your divorce to court, you will want to learn about the gentler options, such as mediation and collaboration, that are often less stressful on families with children.

This summer may be a difficult one for you, and you may be uncertain how to deal with the conflicting emotions you are feeling. Your instinct may be to turn to friends for advice. However, having solid information about your options and potential outcomes may help you make decisions that are reasonable and beneficial to your future.