Understand your right to spousal support after divorce

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Ohio’s alimony laws, which refer to alimony as “spousal support,” make sure that each party maintains an equitable standard of living following a divorce. Spousal support laws consider the fact that one spouse might have given up a career or put money into helping the other succeed, understanding, at that time, that their success would benefit them both.

After a divorce, the spouse who gave up a career or who supported their spouse will need to survive, and spousal support is one way to help that happen. The court will ask for documents to determine if alimony is necessary.

What documents do the courts need to determine alimony?

Some of the documents that the court will need include:

  • Documents indicating each party’s earning potential
  • Documentation on the length of the marriage
  • Verifications of income
  • Verifications of expenses

You may have other documents to present to the court to help the judge determine if alimony is necessary, like a prenuptial agreement or proof of payments made to support your spouse’s business or career.

Unless you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement on spousal support, the judge will have the final say on how much alimony, if any, will go to a former spouse. Your attorney will help you gain a firm understanding of what to expect and help you negotiate for spousal support prior to your divorce hearing. Our site has more on the importance of alimony and what to expect when you divorce in Ohio. It’s in your best interests to learn more and decide if you’d like to seek alimony moving forward.