Parents: Time with your children is essential to their growth

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Parenting time is an important factor in your child’s life. Whether they’re 5 years old or nearly an adult, the time they get to spend with you is vital to their development.

Parents sometimes have problems when they try to decide on how to split up their parenting time. It can be hard to imagine time away from your child, and that’s understandable. Despite that, you and your estranged spouse or ex-spouse still need to make room for the other parent in your child’s life. You need to come up with arrangements that are fair and consistent for your child’s sake.

Parents are an essential part of children’s development

Children who go through a divorce may struggle with the changes that are happening, but if you and your ex-spouse work together and have a positive attitude, your child will still have a good childhood. With both parents present and supportive, your child is more likely to do well in school, to develop positive relationships and to go on to have a successful life. Oftentimes, children who deal with hardship but who do not get the support they need are left to struggle with their intrapersonal relationships and may not do as well in school.

Parents are the people children look up to. They’re the first people they know and their primary influence, so it’s essential that they remain part of their children’s lives unless there are extreme circumstances that make that an impossibility.

Parents should focus on making their parenting plans as fair as possible for the sake of their children, so their children grow up knowing them both and without the distress that can come with divorce.