Self-care is crucial in coping throughout your divorce

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When it comes to getting a divorce or even separating from a spouse, self-care is one of the first casualties. We all know how traumatic a divorce is and in our desire to simply get through the process, we may let our physical and emotional health fall by the wayside. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see as divorce attorneys serving Ohio residents.

While it may feel like one of the least important areas of focus when splitting from a spouse, taking care of yourself can actually help you cope with the divorce more effectively. After all, when you feel bad mentally, emotionally and physically, it can cause complications during your divorce. We offer the following example for you to consider.

Say that you are just starting the divorce and you become overwhelmed with grief and depression. Succumbing to this devastating divorce by-product might have an effect on your decision-making skills. As such, you might end up with a less than satisfactory property settlement or child custody agreement. In the interest of helping you emerge from your divorce relatively healthy and happy, we offer the following self-care tips to help you cope better while seeking an equitable settlement.

  • Continue to exercise and eat well during the divorce
  • Seek emotional support from friends, a therapist or a support group
  • Avoid judging yourself harshly if you do have trouble coping
  • Consider joining a class or indulging in your favorite hobbies
  • Avoid negative thoughts in favor of positive thinking

Finally, do not hesitate to ask your attorney how you are performing during the legal elements of your divorce. He or she can give you valuable advice on how to strengthen your side of the split by modifying any unwanted behaviors that might weaken your case. Keep exploring our website for more information on surviving and thriving before, during and after divorce.