Pursuing a strong parenting plan for the future

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During a divorce, child custody is often one of the most sensitive and complicated issues to address. Ohio parents naturally want to protect the best interests of their children, but they also want to fight for the protection of their parental rights. It can be complex to effectively address these two aspects of custody and visitation.

One of the ways that parents can shield their interests and the well-being of their kids is to craft a parenting plan on their own. Even two parents who do not necessarily get along can set aside differences to create a parenting plan that minimizes the potential for conflict and problems in the future.

What makes a strong parenting plan?

A strong parenting plan is one that is thorough, thoughtful and protects the needs of the children. Kids benefit greatly when they have regular access to both parents after divorce, and a good parenting plan addresses this need above the temporary emotions of the parents. A parenting plan needs to include provisions for important issues regarding your children, including the following:

  • Physical custody of the child and how often the child will go between the two homes of the parents
  • Visitation schedules for holidays, school vacations and more
  • How parents will make important decisions for the child, such as where the child will go to school
  • Visitation and access to extended family members, such as grandparents

As part of your plan, it can also be helpful to address disputes in the future. Your plan can outline how you and the other parent will deal with unexpected situations and issues that can arise in the future.

No two families are the same, and no two parenting plans should be the same. You have the right to a plan that works for your family, and you may find it beneficial to seek guidance as you deal with these important issues.

What will work for your family?

You can work on a parenting plan that suits your family out of court. No one knows your family like you do, and it is possible to set aside difficult emotions to develop a custody and visitation plan that will work for your family for years to come. Any legal issue that pertains to your children can be complex, but you may find great benefit in first seeking an understanding of your rights through an evaluation of your case.