What should I expect from the mediation process?

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Ohio couples facing divorce know that the process of ending a marriage can be complex and difficult. Even though there may not be such a thing as an easy divorce, it is possible to make the process a bit easier. By avoiding litigation and choosing another path, such as mediation, you may be able to eliminate some of the complication associated with the divorce process.

Mediation is not the best choice in every situation, but it can offer certain benefits. Before you make an important decision regarding your divorce, you would be wise to learn more about this process, including what you can expect if you and your spouse choose this option.

How will it work?

Mediation is a process by which two opposing parties endeavor to peacefully and respectfully resolve their issues. In a divorce, this means that both spouses will work together to resolve all issues related to child custody, visitation, property division and more. If you choose to mediate your divorce, you can expect the following from this process:

  • An impartial mediator will work with the couple in order to supervise discussions and encourage productive conversations.
  • You will have an opportunity to explain your side of any disputes without interruption.
  • After each side has had an opportunity to explain his or her perspective, the mediator will encourage discussions and negotiations to help both parties come to resolutions.
  • After you reach a mediated agreement, the mediator puts it into writing and advises the couple on the next steps to have the agreement finalized.
  • If the mediation process does not work, the mediator will advise them of their rights, along with how to proceed.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse would like to avoid litigation and have more control over the details of your final order, you may consider how mediation could be the right step for you.

Pursuing your best post-divorce future

Divorce is a complex process, and the decisions you make will have a significant long-term effect on your life. Mediation can give you the opportunity to have more control over the terms of your agreement, and it can save you both time and money.

It is possible to keep your divorce out of court and resolve your disputes in a way that is productive and beneficial. Mediation does not necessarily require that both parties to get along, but simply to commit to working through issues in a practical and respectful manner.