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Ohio Child Custody Laws For Unmarried Parents

Under Ohio law, unmarried mothers automatically have sole custody of their children, even after paternity is established. However, once paternity is established, unmarried fathers then have equal standing to seek custody and parenting time, but the father must initiate a custody action in the court to get orders that grant him custody and/or parenting time rights. Until such orders are issued by the court, unmarried fathers have only the right to pay child support.

How Is Paternity Established In Ohio?

In Ohio, fathers can establish paternity by completing an acknowledgment of paternity affidavit at the hospital when the child is born. If the affidavit is not recanted within 60 days, the establishment of paternity is deemed final. If the father does not execute an acknowledgement of paternity affidavit, either parent may initiate action to establish paternity through the local Child Support Enforcement Agency or the court.

How Can Fathers Obtain Child Custody And Visitation Rights?

Unmarried fathers in Ohio must go to court to establish their child custody and parenting time rights.

Until paternity is established and the father gains child custody rights through the court, the mother is free to relocate anywhere and make all decisions about education, medical care and religious upbringing for the children without input from the father. If paternity has not been established and the father has not registered with the Putative Father Registry, the mother may put the child up for adoption without the knowledge and consent of the father.

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