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Collaborative Options During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The divorce courts have closed their doors or restricted access at a time when many marital relationships are fraying as couples endure limited options for social interaction or activity outside the home. Fortunately, the attorneys at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson can still help you.

We are trained as collaborative family law attorneys. The collaborative option assists spouses in ending their marriages and finally achieving closure while taking a team approach to unwinding the family and its finances. By working toward a collaborative solution, we can control the steps and the pace of your divorce.

We Can Still Take Constructive Steps Forward

Problem-solving in a collaborative dissolution of marriage is meant to offer a more flexible approach to dispute resolution than traditional litigation can provide. This process moves at the parties’ pace and is not tied to the court’s schedules and costs.

The parties and lawyers hold a series of meetings, which can be handled through video conference or online meeting platforms. These meetings are designed to discover information and find solutions to the specific problems presented in each individual case. There may also be the opportunity to bring in other professionals suited to address each spouses’ unique issues and be part of the team. These generally include financial experts and mental health professionals who would serve as the team “coaches.”

Once all agreements have been reached, drafted, signed and filed with the court, the final hearing can also currently be handled by a private judge in a brief online meeting.

Explore Your Options Today

You don’t have to wait to get started on your divorce. Collaborative family law attorneys are here to help you start the process now. To learn more, call our office at 380-217-3322 or reach out online to schedule a consultation.