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Staking A Claim To Grandparent Rights

“My daughter won’t let me see my grandchild.”

“I worry about my grandkids with my son in drug treatment.”

“My son and daughter-in-law are going through serious problems. Can I intervene?”

These are common grandparent rights cases in a nutshell. Grandparents (or other relatives) may feel they are needed in a child’s life. What legal remedies do they have?

There are numerous remedies. Grandparents and other relatives have more rights in Ohio than in most states, including rights of custody and visitation, or companionship. But the law also recognizes the sovereignty of a child’s parents. The courts are not eager to deprive parents of their rights, so you will need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to obtain the access you seek.

Requesting custody is not complicated. You need only file a complaint or motion for custody. But courts will not grant custody unless you can demonstrate that both parents are unfit or unsuitable. It is up to the grandparent (or another relative) to persuade the court that it is clearly in the child’s best interests to be with him or her.

Custody should be requested as soon as it becomes apparent the child is at risk. If the change is necessary, it should be done immediately.

Do You Have Questions About Your Rights As A Grandparent?

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