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Shared Parenting And Child Custody For School Purposes Only

In Ohio, when one parent receives sole decision-making power regarding a child, they are considered the residential parent and legal custodian. The residential parent in this case makes all the important decisions about health, education, religion and other aspects of the child’s life. Non-custodial parents may still receive parenting time, but have limited decision-making authority.

In many instances, however, parents will be issued a shared parenting order. Shared parenting is similar to joint custody in other states, and allows both parents to take an active role in raising their child, giving both parents decision-making power. This means that both parents would be the “residential parent.”

Shared Parenting And School Enrollment

Ohio has guidelines on where a child is able to attend school. When only one parent is the residential parent, the child will typically attend school in the school district that parent lives in. For shared parenting, however, one parent may be named the residential parent for school purposes only.

The designation of “residential parent for school placement purposes only” does not give that parent any greater authority or lessen the authority of the other. Rather, it helps avoid conflict or confusion in cases where parents live in different school districts.

Learn More About Shared Parenting In Ohio

The family lawyers at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson work with their clients to fashion parenting time schedules that set forth regular parenting time and the sharing of holidays and school breaks. Our goal is always to create a schedule that works for both sides and that is in the child’s best interests.

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