Thoughtful Valuation And Division Of Family Businesses

Property division decisions become especially heated when marital assets include a family-owned business or significant business interests. Both sides want the division to be done with great care to maximize the value of the business.

At Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson, we are experienced in valuing and dividing every kind of business entity — professional partnerships, retail businesses, Internet businesses and sole proprietorships.

Division solutions include:

  • Co-ownership, so the business can continue to function
  • Buyout, in which one party purchases the business from the other
  • Sale, in which the business is put on the market and the proceeds are split

If the business existed before the couple married or if it was purchased with nonmarital resources, then it does not have to be divided.

Your business valuation is only as reliable as the appraiser chosen to do the valuing. SSAH&J works with only the most experienced and most reputable appraisers, ensuring that the valuation arrived at is accurate and represents your interests. The final valuation will take into account every factor involved in a business's true worth, including goodwill.

Tax considerations of the division are considered at every stage, with every effort made to lighten your tax obligations from the sale.

Business division conducted responsibly — talk to the divorce lawyers at Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson of Columbus, Ohio. Contact our attorneys at 614-556-4231.