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Columbus, Ohio, Family Law

A Civil Approach to Family Law and Divorce

When a marriage or relationship is breaking up, people often get caught up in their emotions and immediate concerns and don't consider their long term needs, those of the other party, and, especially, those of the children. Often, couples agree about the need to end the marriage or relationship, but they do not agree as to how to fairly resolve the issues of property and debt distribution, custody and support. Too often couples approach divorce and/or custody matters as a contest to win or lose, rather than focusing on finding a solution that meets current and future needs of everyone involved so that they can successfully move on with life.

At the law firm of Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley in Columbus, Ohio, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to identify, protect and promote our clients' rights and interests. Our attorneys give our clients honest, straightforward answers and advice about the legal process and strive to create reasonable and realistic expectations based upon the unique circumstances of each case. We believe the best outcome we can obtain for a client is one that fairly and reasonably meets the needs and addresses the concerns of everyone involved, and provides an opportunity for them to move forward in a civil and meaningful way.

Effective Advocacy to Achieve Results

At Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley, our primary goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation in a timely and cost efficient manner. Our depth of family law knowledge and experience, resulting from our attorneys' nearly 150 years of combined legal experience, allow us to provide our clients with informed counseling, and skilled advocacy. Our familiarity with the local courts and opposing attorneys enables us to provide our clients with realistic expectations about the outcome of there cases so that our clients are better able to make informed decisions.

We believe that there are significant benefits to our clients when they resolve their family law matters outside of a court. However, when reason and negotiation fail to resolve the case, our attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively protect and pursue your rights and interests in the courtroom.

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To schedule a family law consultation with an attorney at Sowald Sowald Anderson & Hawley, call 888-609-8912 or fill out the contact form on this Web site. Our law office is located on Fifth Street in downtown Columbus.

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