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Medical needs can affect child support and custody

When you have a child who has medical needs, you're going to have extra factors to consider during a divorce. You and your estranged spouse have to consider your child's best interests and how to help them with their medical care while still traveling between homes. You may also need to look into finding the best ways to maintain health insurance and discuss additional child support for the purposes of paying medical expenses.

What are the penalties for late or missing support payments?

When a child support payment is late, it's known as a delinquent payment. A delinquent payment can be extremely hard for the recipient to deal with. They may rely on the payment to buy their child clothing or school lunches. Being late isn't an option.

Is medical support included in child support in Ohio?

Ohio has many child support regulations but one that you should be aware of is the requirement to provide medical support to your child. Like regular child support, medical support is also required so that a child can have their medical needs to be covered. If insurance does not cover the medical needs of the child, then the obligor may have to pay a set amount toward the medical bills the child has accrued.

Invest in your child's future using child support

If you have been awarded child support payments by the court, you might not be sure what they can be used for in Ohio. There are plenty of uses for child support payments, but one of the most important is investing in your child's future. This can be done by creating a 529 account for college and much more. It's wise to take a look at other ways you can use child support to invest in your child's future.

Is there a legal solution for those who can't pay child support?

When people least expect it, life circumstances can arise that place them in a precarious financial situation. For people without children, it is easier to find a solution to these situations because they do not have to worry about providing for kids. For Ohio parents who contribute to the care of their kids through child support, a single financial hardship can have many detrimental consequences for parents and children alike.

'Most wanted' deadbeat parent arrested after 20 years

Child support is an obligation the state places on parents of children when the adults end their relationship. The action might be prompted by divorce. In some cases, the parents aren't married, but parenthood has been established and the assignment of child support becomes possible. The rationale, of course, is that support is in the best interest of the children and it's the obligation of parents to provide.

State's options for enforcing child support

Under Ohio law, the presumption on the behalf of every child is that both parents bear a duty of support to the youngster until age 18. This applies whether the adults are married or not. That being the case, the expectation is that both parents will provide financial support in accordance with a formula that reflects the parents' existing combined resources. Potential earning power of each parent might also be a factor.

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