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What should you do if your ex isn't a great parent?

When you have a custody dispute, it can be one of the hardest times of your life. You want to make sure your children aren't suffering, but at the same time, you have to protect your right to see your children and may need to take steps to limit their contact with the other parent.

Contentious or not, custody has to be discussed

Child custody is a contentious topic for many people going through a divorce. When it comes up, it often feels as if it is a war. One parent may try to get as much custody as possible without considering how that would affect the other parent's life with their child.

Should you test-run your parenting plan?

As parents who don't agree on much, you may find that creating a parenting plan is contentious. You may have a hard time sitting down together and coming up with a parenting plan that works for you. You may also have a difficult time arranging how you'll implement rules and techniques for raising your child between homes.

Get help to make the best possible parenting plan

Determining where your child should live is one of the hardest parts of working out a parenting plan. Your parenting plan has to consider the best interests of your child, but it also has to account for your schedule and your ex-spouse's schedule, too. You need to be available when you're with your child, and you'll have to account for when your child has to be at school or at home due to holidays.

Quick action can prevent an international child abduction

A parent's worst nightmare is not being able to see their child due to the other parent kidnapping them. Sadly, this is a reality for many parents in America and abroad. Parental abduction, particularly international abduction, is a difficult problem to deal with. It involves at least two governments, if not more, and it can be very difficult to bring a child home.

Child custody mediation and what to expect

Divorcing is one of the most frightening things parents in Ohio face. In most cases, parents will search for ways to make the process of divorce and child custody proceedings as painless for the kids as possible. Mediation has become one of the top methods worried parents turn to in order to ease the transition for their kids.

How can grandparents in Ohio seek visitation rights?

In most families, children have a special relationship with their grandparents. When a divorce or other circumstance separates children and grandparents, it can be harmful to all parties. Family law courts recognize how beneficial a strong child/grandparent bond is. With the best interests of the children at heart, many of these courts allow estranged grandparents to seek legal visitation or even child custody in some situations.

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