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Learn about alimony and what you can do if you need it

When someone seeks alimony, the cause is usually because they need financial support to live comfortably after divorce. One spouse, for instance, might make $67,000 every year. The other might make $25,000. To make up at least some of that difference, alimony can be ordered.

Understand your right to spousal support after divorce

Ohio's alimony laws, which refer to alimony as "spousal support," make sure that each party maintains an equitable standard of living following a divorce. Spousal support laws consider the fact that one spouse might have given up a career or put money into helping the other succeed, understanding, at that time, that their success would benefit them both.

Rehabilitative alimony: Know what to expect

Alimony is an important part of many people's divorce settlements. As someone who gave your time and effort in marriage, you may have taken a step back to support your spouse. Perhaps you stayed home with your children or worked to help your spouse pay for college in hopes of reaping the benefits later in your marriage.

Alimony: Get to know your rights before you pay out

If you're someone who is the breadwinner in your family, the idea that your spouse wants a divorce may leave a bad taste in your mouth. You know that alimony could be a request they make, even though they've already relied on you to pay the bills for some time.

Reasons alimony orders can be changed

Either party involved in an alimony agreement has the ability to request a modification of the amount being paid or received. Because of this, there are specific reasons that courts most often accept as valid. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why an alimony order can be changed by the courts in Franklin, Ohio so you know what to request.

Do I need to keep records of the alimony I receive?

Once you and your spouse decide that you need to split, you will have a whole new set of issues to deal with. Life after a divorce is often more challenging than most Ohio residents expect. While you will eventually be free from an unhappy marriage, other issues may prolong your contact with your ex.

The non-specific face of spousal support

In our previous post, we shined the spotlight on how fluid the concept of spousal support has become over time. Back in the day when the common model had husbands working and wives taking care of the home, spousal support, or alimony as it was then known, usually involved the ex-husband paying a monthly sum to the ex-wife in the event of divorce.

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