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Alimony: Get to know your rights before you pay out

If you're someone who is the breadwinner in your family, the idea that your spouse wants a divorce may leave a bad taste in your mouth. You know that alimony could be a request they make, even though they've already relied on you to pay the bills for some time.

Reasons alimony orders can be changed

Either party involved in an alimony agreement has the ability to request a modification of the amount being paid or received. Because of this, there are specific reasons that courts most often accept as valid. Today, we will take a look at the reasons why an alimony order can be changed by the courts in Franklin, Ohio so you know what to request.

Do I need to keep records of the alimony I receive?

Once you and your spouse decide that you need to split, you will have a whole new set of issues to deal with. Life after a divorce is often more challenging than most Ohio residents expect. While you will eventually be free from an unhappy marriage, other issues may prolong your contact with your ex.

The non-specific face of spousal support

In our previous post, we shined the spotlight on how fluid the concept of spousal support has become over time. Back in the day when the common model had husbands working and wives taking care of the home, spousal support, or alimony as it was then known, usually involved the ex-husband paying a monthly sum to the ex-wife in the event of divorce.

What must I show to seek spousal support?

There was a time when divorce meant one spouse paid alimony to the other. In those days, the usual equation had the husband paying that money to his ex-wife. This was in addition to child support. Today, that equation isn't necessarily the one that applies. Indeed, most states don't even call it alimony. Instead, it's called spousal support.

How does the IRS define alimony?

As personal an event as divorce is, it is not something anyone goes through alone. At the very least, the hand of the government weighs in and will seek to be sure that tax obligations continue to be met one way or another.

Flip side of the coin on lump sum spousal support

Divorce, even in its simplest form, is not very simple. There are many ways to go about dissolving the marriage and identifying the one that is best for your situation can feel daunting. The emotional aspects certainly require attention. But perhaps the most pressing issues revolve around money.

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