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Divorce FAQ

When facing a divorce, it can be difficult for everyone involved. You’re forced to make tough decisions and emotions often run high. Our attorneys can help you make informed decisions and work toward a future everyone can be happy with. Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson has helped families throughout Ohio. Below is a list of frequently asked questions for your reference. To discuss your options, contact our Columbus office today at 614-556-4231 or fill out our contact form.

Q: Are there alternatives to divorce?

A: Yes. You can get legally separated, which allows you to retain your marital status. Typically, people do this because of religious beliefs or to maintain health care benefits. It is also an option for those who might consider reconciling in the future. Another alternative is an annulment which means your marriage was never legally valid; this can only happen for specific reasons.

Q: How does spousal support work?

A: Each case is different, and many things are considered when determining alimony. It can be court-ordered or agreed to by the spouses. Income, property, earning capacity and the duration of the marriage are all the factors that the court will consider. Whether or not you have kids is also important.

Q: How is our property divided?

A: Some spouses can agree on how they want their property and assets divided. For others, the court must decide. This does not necessarily mean your property will be divided 50/50. Proving why you deserve more can be important. Anything you acquired before your marriage is known as separate property and typically will stay in your possession.

Q: What is a “no-fault” divorce?

A: Each state is different, but in Ohio, if you are living separately for one year you are eligible to file for a no-fault divorce. This means you are not required to show wrongdoing of either party in order to file the divorce.