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Collaborative Law Is A Formal, Out-Of-Court Process

Collaborative law is manner in which to complete a dissolution when the parties are unable to reach a full agreement and complete a dissolution while working with their attorneys individually. The collaborative process is the same as marriage dissolution, except that it requires that both parties be represented by an attorney and that both parties and their attorneys sign an agreement obligating them to resolve all the issues through negotiation and agreement, without filing a contested divorce. Rather than moving into a contested divorce when the parties are unable to resolve their issues, collaborative law focuses on building a cooperative and structured environment to help the two sides reach an agreement out of court.

At the law firm of Sowald Sowald Anderson Hawley & Johnson in Columbus, Ohio, we have lawyers familiar with and experienced in the collaborative law process who will work with you, your spouse and your spouse’s attorney to reach a reasonable and suitable agreement.

What Is Collaborative Law?

In collaborative law, both sides and their attorneys enter into a written agreement to work together as a group to resolve all the issues and to terminate the marriage by dissolution. The parties and their attorneys schedule a series of four-way meetings during which disputed issues are discussed, information and documents are exchanged, and an agreement is worked out. If necessary, financial planners, accountants, counselors and other experts may be involved to review information and offer assistance and suggestions on how to best resolve certain matters.

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