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A family law attorney can help you parent better

Before going forward, we want to clarify that it is not a divorce lawyer's role to hand out parenting tips. However, the things you learn from your partnership with a family law attorney can help you improve your parenting skills. All it takes is your willingness to use what lawyers have learned throughout their careers on behalf of your own children.

Can a DNA test happen before a baby is born?

You have been informed that you may be the father of a baby who has not been born yet, and you do not think you can wait until birth to find out. You want to know what rights you have and what obligations you may be facing as soon as possible. Can a DNA test be carried out before the child is born?

Family law disputes can spread onto the gridiron

We have written before about the broad scope of issues family law can deal with. We offered a rundown of a few of them in one recent post. Since then, a story has made headlines that serves to reinforce the point we sought to make. And so, we are taking this post to dig into that a little.

The scope of subjects under family law might surprise you

When a couple marries, they probably don't think about speaking with an attorney first. Yes, every state has laws governing the process, but it's more of an administrative issue than anything else. In Ohio, the rule in most cases is that you must go to the local probate court and apply.

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