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The emotional and psychological benefits of co-parenting

The end of a marriage is difficult, but it can be especially difficult for the youngest members of the family. In order to protect their children, Ohio parents may explore the various ways that they can seek a child custody agreement that is both beneficial and sustainable. In many cases, a co-parenting plan can provide stability and continuity of lifestyle for both the parents and the children.

Should you keep the family home after divorce?

When going through a divorce, you may have many aspects that need consideration. Interests often arise when it comes to dividing property. Because Ohio is an equitable distribution state, the division of assets does not necessarily mean that you and your ex-spouse will walk away with an equal share. As a result, you may find yourself concerned with the division of particular pieces of property, such as the family home.

Please disconnect all devices: plug in to family time

Information is highly accessible in this digital age, but at what price? It is easy to answer just one more email, post one more Facebook update, or defeat one more level of Candy Crush Saga. Parents and children alike are sucked into the vortex of smartphones and tablets to the detriment of the whole family.

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