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4 questions about prenups

People often feel very nervous to even mention prenuptial agreements, let alone ask important questions about them. This leads to a fair amount of confusion about exactly what prenups are and what they can do.

How does Ohio look at divorce and religion for children?

One of the biggest disagreements that divorcing parents of different religions tend to have is how they will raise their children after divorce. Both parents are likely to want the children to only be raised in their own religion, and they may be very opposed to the children even being exposed to the other parent's religion since they fundamentally disagree with it.

Stay conscious of how a divorce impacts your teen

If you are getting divorced with teenage children, you need to be aware of how the divorce process can impact them. This is not to say you cannot end your marriage, and you may have a very good reason to do so, such as spousal abuse. However, you simply need to keep your children's best interests in mind and learn how you can help them through this process.

Can you modify your divorce ruling after the fact?

When the divorce judgment is handed down, it's binding. You must adhere to the court order. For instance, even if you wanted sole custody of your child, if the order specifies that custody should be shared between you and your ex, you have to honor that. This can be hard for some parents to accept, feeling that they know the situation better than the judge, but violating a court order is illegal.

Maybe 6 R's can help children navigate divorce

Life is complicated. It always has been, but it seems more so now than in the past. Still, as the old saying goes, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." Getting down to the fundamentals is a strong driving force. As an example, consider the common abbreviation, the three R's. It refers to what many consider educational basics - reading, writing and arithmetic. Never mind that the words don't all start with R. The gist is that these are fundamental.

Later-in-life divorce: What you don't know can hurt you

Long-married couples are divorcing at a higher rate than in the past. By many counts, the rate among adults aged 50 and older is about double what it was in the 1990s. The consensus among experts for why this is happening seems to be that people are living longer. If the love is gone and you have decades left to live, it becomes easier to understand there might be a desire to make the final years happier.

Is there an advantage to annulment over divorce?

We have written several posts in the past few months examining the differences between annulment and divorce in Ohio. Regular readers will appreciate that annulment and divorce are two forms of marriage dissolution that are available under state law, but that obtaining an annulment isn't possible for everyone. Certain restrictions apply.

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