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Items to include in your prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding in Franklin? It is one of the most exciting times in life. Whether it's your first, second or subsequent marriage, you should always protect yourself with a prenuptial agreement. Many people tend to think that prenuptial agreements are only for those who have tons of assets, high-paying jobs or millions in savings. That is not the case. A prenuptial agreement works for anyone getting married.

Treading lightly through technology during a divorce

There may be few times when others scrutinize your actions more carefully than when you are going through a divorce, especially if the divorce is expected to be contentious. However, even if you and your spouse are moving toward an amicable separation, that situation can quickly turn adversarial if you use your social media to vent your emotions.

The 4 dangers of anger in divorce

Divorce is not an easy experience when it comes to your emotions. When going through a divorce, sometimes feeling resentful or angry at your former spouse is normal. But focusing on the goals of the divorce, instead of the current anguish, can help you in many ways in the long-run. Giving into your anger and engaging in revenge or paypack will only set you back in the process.

Five things the IRS wants you to know about divorce and taxes

Divorce can be one of life's most stress-inducing events. Though it is a common occurrence in our society, affecting 40 percent of first marriages and 60 percent of second marriages, the legal and financial ramifications are often poorly understood.

Just served? Avoid these 5 common divorce mistakes

No one looks forward to learning that someone they once loved has filed for divorce. Even if you knew it was coming, the reality of holding divorce papers in your hand can trigger a wide range of emotion. Along with a flood of grief and anger, you may feel stress and uncertainty about what to do next.

Keep the house in divorce?

Divorce is a major life change for young children. Mom and dad no longer wake them up together, eat meals as a family or tuck them in at night. Each parent may have different or contradictory rules and even enforce punishment inconsistently. The kids may secretly, but mistakenly, hope that the change is only temporary.

Divorce: amicable or adversarial?

It was his fault; take him for all he has. She has worked at home for the past five years; you are going to have to fight to avoid giving her half of your income for the rest of your life. The property is in his name; you had better get it in yours. Spend now so you do not have to give up property later.

Your name must be on the deed... and other property division myths

There exists a saying "money can't buy happiness." You have probably heard it, and you may agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. This does not negate the fact that you will still probably worry about your finances throughout your life - especially if you are considering filing for divorce.

5 ways to reduce the cost of your divorce

Divorce is not an easy decision for you to make or confront when the choice is not yours. You may feel an extreme range of emotions. Angry at your spouse. Ready for the next stage of your life, but anxious about the uncertainty of the future. Fearful that you won't get to see your children. Embarrassed to tell family and friends. Worried about your finances.

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