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Prioritizing your future in divorce mediation

Have you ever thought about what you would like your post-divorce life to look like? Perhaps you would like to travel abroad or move to a quiet Pacific island. Maybe you want to earn an advanced degree. Some people just want to survive their divorce and move on to a better or healthier personal lifestyle.

You and your ex can still get along during and after a divorce

You know that you do not want a bitter divorce. You do not even want to go to court. You're most interested in divorce mediation, where you work together outside of court and then get your divorce agreement approved when you're done.

Some 'don'ts' and 1 possible 'do' when divorcing

Certain things in life are unavoidable. You can't go swimming without getting wet. If you are an Ohio resident wondering whether to divorce, you can't avoid getting emotional. On one hand, you might feel anger, grief or fear. On the other, you might feel anticipation and excitement.

What are the benefits of mediation in child custody cases?

When you and your spouse -- soon-to-be your ex -- cannot agree on a child custody arrangement yourselves, you typically have to go to court and a judge will rule. However, that puts the decision-making power entirely in the judge's hands, which makes some people nervous.

What are good steps to take to prepare for mediation?

The process of mediation as it applies to divorce and other family law issues is one that is still developing in many ways. In the view of many, use of mediation has a number of possible advantages. Perhaps chief among them is that those who choose to use it have a chance to maintain greater control over the proceedings. Those who commit to mediation can work to resolve their issues themselves.

What is the key to successful divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation gives you a chance to stay out of court, making decisions on your own and working with a third party to guide you and your spouse through the process. It's typically a faster, low-stress way to reach fair agreements when you and your spouse have not been able to do it on your own.

How do I know if mediation is a viable divorce option for me?

Choosing the correct route to a finalized divorce in Ohio can be confusing. First, there is the decision as to what type of action you need - legal separation, dissolution of marriage, divorce (contested), or annulment. Then, you may want to examine what kind of process you want to follow - litigation, collaboration or mediation.

3 options for out-of-court custody proceedings

As a parent going through divorce, you certainly want to make the process as easy on your children as possible. You may have heard many horror stories relating to parents fighting over custody of the kids and know that such a situation can have detrimental effects on the children. As you now face custody proceedings of your own, you may wish to determine how to approach the process with as little conflict as possible.

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