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I'm getting a divorce. Will I have to go to court?

The decision to move forward with a divorce is not an easy choice. If you are facing the likelihood that your marriage is over, you may be dreading the prospect of going to court, allowing multiple people to hear your private business and fighting over various issues. Fortunately, there could be a better way.

What should I expect from the mediation process?

Ohio couples facing divorce know that the process of ending a marriage can be complex and difficult. Even though there may not be such a thing as an easy divorce, it is possible to make the process a bit easier. By avoiding litigation and choosing another path, such as mediation, you may be able to eliminate some of the complication associated with the divorce process.

Emotions can derail your divorce

While you may know people who have had numerous divorces, in reality, most people who go through this ordeal do it once in their lives. If you are facing a divorce for the first time, you may be unsure of what to expect and how to behave. In all likelihood, you are feeling many emotions that may change rapidly, and this is just the time when you may need to think rationally and calmly.

Why do many couples wait until after the holidays to divorce?

You may already know that attorneys consider January through March "divorce season" here in Ohio and across the country, and the research tends to back up that belief. You may see that waiting until after the end of the year provides certain financial advantages, but as you contemplate the end of your marriage, you may wonder what other reasons compel couples to wait until after the holiday season.

Dissolution may make for an easier divorce process

Divorce is often portrayed on television as an acrimonious process, with two spouses dragging out a battle over who gets to keep the house or the children. The reality is that not everyone contests a marital split-up, with both parties at odds about how to handle their related matters.

Do you have valid grounds to seek an annulment?

The end of a marriage is a difficult process. For some couples, the thought of a divorce is disheartening and overwhelming, but in some situations, it may be possible to avoid a divorce and seek an annulment. There are strict qualifications for annulment, but you may find it beneficial to learn more about how you may qualify.

How to navigate the back-to-school season following your divorce

Whether you're one of many Ohio parents who hail the back-to-school season as a welcomed event (if only to send end-of-summer, rambunctious kids someplace else for a few hours a day) or are among those who wish they could cling to their summer vacation time with their children a bit longer, if this is your first back-to-school since your divorce, you may be in for some fairly hefty challenges. If everyone cooperates, you may have the best school year yet.

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