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Figuring out asset division when going through a divorce

You and your spouse have worked hard to get where you are. Your financial picture may not be perfect, but you have a home, savings and retirement funds. On the flip side, you also have some debt in the form of a mortgage, a car payment and some credit card debt. You've decided to get a divorce and are wondering what property you'll get to keep. In Ohio, any shared property -- whether it is a positive or negative asset -- is marital property and subject to division.  

The complexities of relocating with children after divorce

Life continues to change, even after a divorce is final. The terms of your divorce order, including your custody and visitation arrangement, may not always be applicable to what is happening in your life. Some Ohio parents may even find that they need to move after divorce, but relocating could be complicated, especially if the custody order is already final.

You and your spouse already agreed on divorce terms. Now what?

Divorce is difficult, but litigation is not necessarily the only option for many Ohio couples. You may find that you and your spouse are already in agreement over the terms of your divorce order, but it is just a matter of making your agreement official. Even when there are no disputes and no need for a trial, there are still important legal steps to take before a divorce is final.

Ways to help kids keep divorce stress to a minimum

Like most good parents in Ohio and throughout the nation, you want what is best for your children. If you have been parenting for a handful of years or more, you already know that, sometimes, what your kids want and what you believe is best for them may not coincide. It can be difficult to carry out tough love in such situations. You believe that in the long run, however, your children will understand you've always had their best interests in mind.

Design your parenting plan for successful co-parenting

Even though you and your children's other parent are no longer together, that does not mean that you can't continue to raise them together. Few co-parenting relationships begin without a rocky start. After all, the parents recently decided to part ways, and the emotions that go along with that may still be raw and require resolution.

Pursuing a strong parenting plan for the future

During a divorce, child custody is often one of the most sensitive and complicated issues to address. Ohio parents naturally want to protect the best interests of their children, but they also want to fight for the protection of their parental rights. It can be complex to effectively address these two aspects of custody and visitation. 

I'm getting a divorce. Will I have to go to court?

The decision to move forward with a divorce is not an easy choice. If you are facing the likelihood that your marriage is over, you may be dreading the prospect of going to court, allowing multiple people to hear your private business and fighting over various issues. Fortunately, there could be a better way.

What should I expect from the mediation process?

Ohio couples facing divorce know that the process of ending a marriage can be complex and difficult. Even though there may not be such a thing as an easy divorce, it is possible to make the process a bit easier. By avoiding litigation and choosing another path, such as mediation, you may be able to eliminate some of the complication associated with the divorce process.

Emotions can derail your divorce

While you may know people who have had numerous divorces, in reality, most people who go through this ordeal do it once in their lives. If you are facing a divorce for the first time, you may be unsure of what to expect and how to behave. In all likelihood, you are feeling many emotions that may change rapidly, and this is just the time when you may need to think rationally and calmly.

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