Why does divorce increase after the holidays?

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The end-of-year holiday season is a time of joy and celebration for many families. For some of those seemingly happy families, however, there might be tension brewing under the surface that does not come to light until the new year rolls around.

There is a noticeable phenomenon of divorces increasing after the holidays. Individuals and couples considering a split around the holiday season can benefit from understanding the reasoning behind this trend.

Is it true that divorce rates spike after the holidays?

The uptick in divorces after the holiday season leads some to refer to January as the divorce month. The idea of there being a singular “divorce month” is sometimes considered a myth, as multiple times of the year typically see spikes in the divorce rate. The fact remains that there is often an increase in divorces after the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday seasons.

Why is there an increase in divorces after the holidays?

Couples considering divorce during the later months of the year often make the decision to put off the process until after the holidays. It can be awkward timing in the midst of intimate family gatherings, and there is a perception that law offices might close or have different hours for the holidays. The holiday season into the first month of the new year is a time when struggling couples might start to consider divorce, even if the actual filing takes place later in the year.

While it is certainly true that the divorce process can begin or conclude at any time of the year, certain seasons are calendar hotspots for marital splits. The month following the holiday season is one period when couples might be ready to make a fresh start by putting a divorce into motion.